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The customer service was extremely great, as well as the selection of healthy pet products within the store. It's nice to see a place that is selling healthy alternative dog foods and treats. The staff was very friendly and was informative about which dog food would be the best for the needs of my pup. They went above and beyond to give me valuable information to help me out as a first time puppy owner. It was nice to see that they really cared and knew the answers to all my questions. This place is a little out of my way, but I will definitely be returning. And next time with my puppy! - Andrea
Incredible service, staff, and pricing! I took my husky here and she is a very timid dog so I was worried it wouldn't go very well. When I went to pick her up she was so happy & they said she did great! They were very fast & I can't get over how affordable it was! She was so clean, fluffy, & happy after her grooming appointment. I highly recommend Healthy Pets Mountain West! I won't take my dog anywhere else now. - Chanel
This store is a perfect example of "love at first sight", the staff along with the owner are so FREAKING AWESOME!!! Everyone is happy including the little rug rats that were freshened up by the talented groomers. Our poor pup was treated horribly too many times, in multiple places we have taken her to get a haircut. We searched local groomers and this place caught our attention. We went in to check it out and everything was perfect. They had an event coming up for adoption day and we now have a new member of the family. We scheduled an appointment with the groomer and she did just what we asked for and our dog was not treated poorly. She was happy when we brought her home and so were we. I won't go anywhere else for dog food, treats and grooming. This is the perfect store. Thank you guys! - Tonni
Stopped in here today for the first time as I was getting Thai from next door. We are getting our rescue dog in a few weeks and was just scoping out the pet store scene. Donna spent a bunch of time with me answering questions and I felt very welcomed. The store has great inventory and is modern in decor. They also gave me a bunch of samples to take home and see what our pooch will like. Highly recommended. - Thomas M.
The only place my dogs will go for treats is here! I buy them from the bulk bin and we are all are set. It's funny, I make their food from scratch and I've tried all kinds of homemade and store bought treats but Healthy Pets Mountain West is one place they are always waggin' their tails to enter. - Karen B.
I love this place! It's a really convenient location in the Reams parking lot, right off of ft Union. The service is great! They always give my dog a little treat. My dog always freaks out with baths in restricted places but the set up is perfect for pets like her. There are collars inside the bathtub/sink to keep her in (otherwise she'd take off!), and the staff mixes the shampoo according to your dog's coat and shampoo smell preferences. We always get the conditioner too, and it gives her coat a nice shine. We also tried the chamomile spray and it smells delicious! The shampoo is not tear-free for her eyes but they do have special wipes for the area around the eyes.
There is also a nice dryer you can use. The whole experience could be 20-40 min, depending on how big your dog is, and how well behaved. That's all for $10! They also have towels you can use for the dog (and yourself) and waterproof aprons for mom and dad. They also have punch cards - be sure to to get one! - Melissa H.
Amazing service! I came in with so many questions and they were more than happy to help find exactly what I needed! I will be a returning customer for sure! - Julia L.
This is the best best place to get stuff for your beloved pets. We just got GREAT advice on dog food from the owner Chris. We also get our dogs groomed here by Shelby, who totally rocks! I really recommend this place. Their pet food is good, healthy, and their customer service is excellent! - Shareen K.
This place is amazing. They have a great selection of quality food (Fromm) and easy cleaning supplies for my dogs (doggie wipes). I love the self serve bath tubs and how great the customer service is. You really can not go wrong here. - Britney H.
We took our two dogs to get washed. $10 a dog regardless of the size. They provided us aprons, shampoo, conditioner, brushes, towels, and even a blow dryer. We went on a Saturday that they were very busy, so we had to wait about 20 minutes to get more warm water. But they let us give our pups treats and were very friendly and showed us what to do since we had never been there. They also have punch cards!! Don't forget to grab one. - Katie F.
The nicest people and top-quality treats, right in my neighborhood. I love coming here to pick up treats for my parents' chihuahua, Zoe, (and also my neighbor's pup whom I sneak treats to). Great treat choices that Zoe loves include: blueberry-flax hearts, apple and peanut butter hearts, peanut butter bites, beef and cheese bones, and chicken feet chews. Oh man, does she love the chicken feet chews! Their appearance can be disarming (I am luckily familiarized with the sight of chicken feet from my love of Chinese dim sum) but don't knock em until you try them. Your dog will be thanking you! - Natalie C.
Dropped in to try the self wash dog area. Very nice set up. Lots of shampoo, towels and a blow dryer. Wish they offered a tearless shampoo to wash my dogs face, but we made due without it. Staff was very friendly and helpful and my dog loved the by the pound dog treat bar. Great selection of high end and raw dog food, plus some cute toys and leashes. Will for sure be back again. - Brittany B.
Amazing pet store with employees who are knowledgeable and really care about your pet. They helped me pick the perfect food for my new puppy. They sell only the best, all natural products. The shop is full of unique treats and accessories for your pet too. There's a self serve dog wash that looks great, can't wait to give it a try! - Alisha S.

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